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For graphic browsers, the external links of this site are all shown by a small symbol at the end of the link, an arrow going out of a blue square

Text size

All the text of the web site have a relative policy size, it means that you can change it if you want.

To modify the text size :

Navigation assistance

Site map

When you want you can go on a special page which explains you all the different parts of this web site. The link to this page is situated at the top right of the site and is called "Site map".

Go to the contain

When you want you can go direcly to the contain of the web site (it means that you go under the banner) by clicking on the link called "Go to the contain" situated also at the top right of the site.

Navigation by tab keys

Press on Tab key and repeat until to select the link you want, validate by Enter


Note : it doesn't exit a standard to choose the accesskeys; but a recommanded list was created by the Accessiweb site.

Directions for use :

Navigators shortcuts

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